Do you have a design, web, writing or editing project that needs a touch of professional, but accessible expertise? We can help bring your projects and ideas to life!


Copy-writing, Editing, Proofing and Research

The GAS Designs team specialises in writing clear, concise copy that gets your message across.

Alongside the beautiful visuals, we will shape up your text (and write brand new copy) for everything from websites, brochures, catalogues and menus to books and eBooks. We’ll take great care to make sure all our material is succinct and correct (and is also exactly what you want!).

We also provide in-depth research and analysis services to fact-check and present data and messages in the best way possible. Just contact us to discuss your project and the copy and design needs…

About Gas DesignsDesign for print

We have over 15 years of experience in the industry, so we can cater for all your design needs — from a logo or business card to a finely wrought catalogue or sales brochure.

As well as the popular branding and brochure options, we also offer a range of other services from copy-writing, editing and consulting to photography.

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About Gas DesignsDesign for the web

We specialise in providing professional and affordable solutions for all your web design needs – from a simple banner or social media presence to a fully featured website

We’ve designed a large number of websites for clients both large and small and we also offer copy-writing and editing services to make your site stand out.

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It’s easy to start your project!

All you need to do is contact us to discuss your project and get a quote. We’ll find out about you and your brand so that we can deliver the design and copy that really suits you.



Need a web design? Just choose a package

Get started quickly: Choose a package as a guide and then get in touch to discuss your project. It’s that easy to get a brochure or website that’s professionally designed and makes your business or organisation stand out.

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Do you need help with social media?

We write personable and effective copy for your Facebook page, and we pride ourselves on our ability to put across ideas (even nuanced ones!) in one 140 character tweet. We provide training and consultancy in how to engage with your audience and customers on Twitter and Facebook, or alternatively we can run your social media campaigns for you!

We can also help you with the moderation of message boards and forums as well as the day to day running and editing of websites, blogs and wikis. For more details on how we could help you with social marketing, get in touch.




Other GAS Designs Sites

The Design for Schools People

A design service just for schools set up by GAS Designs!

Beautiful, clear material to inform students, parents, guardians and the local community about your school.

The Far North Blog

A little side project from GAS Designs.

An appreciation of the Northern Highlands of Scotland, with stories, walks and journeys in that stunning region.


Services we like!

Here at GAS Designs we don’t usually put advertising on our site, but our experience with FreshBooks was just SO good that we had to tell people about them! If you’re a small business, freelance designer or self-employed writer you need to check them out!

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